Gregor Kossmann is a Research Assistant at Harvard’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, supporting the academic and administrative work of the Future of Diplomacy Project. An undergraduate student at the college, he is pursuing a degree in social studies – Harvard’s combination of philosophy, history, political science, and economics – with an emphasis on American foreign policy. Having lived in five countries across three continents he is passionate about international affairs, more specifically researching on the topic of reputation, anti-Americanism, and trust (or lack thereof) in political institutions. Other interests include national security concerns arising from climate change, political polarization, and the geopolitical challenge of the Arctic. Academics aside, Gregor is a varsity on Harvard’s internationally-acclaimed Debate Team, and holds various leadership roles in Harvard’s renowned Institute of Politics and premiere undergraduate think tank, as well as the Undergraduate Foreign Policy Initiative, hoping to eventually pursue a career in diplomacy grounded in research-driven policy.

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