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The China-Africa Bond: Science, Technology and Engineering Diplomacy

| 2012

The next phase of China's relations with Africa should focus on deepening science, technology and engineering cooperation, especially in agriculture.

A key attribute of China's diplomacy in recent years is its increasing presence in Africa. With its rising investments and aid in infrastructure, mining, oil exploration and agriculture in Africa, China is has emerged as a major economic force in Africa.

China's trade with Africa stood at US$ 10 billion in 2000 and is projected to exceed US$110 billion 2011. According to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China's investment in Africa increased from US$22 million in 2000 to US$1.44 billion in 2009. It is notable that Africa's investment in China grew from US$280 million to US$1.31 billion over the same period.

It is expected that China-Africa relations will continue to deepen and evolve in the coming years.

In addition to investment in traditional sectors, there are great opportunities for China-Africa cooperation in science, technology and engineering.

The 2012 Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) will be decisive moment for mapping out new opportunities for charting out new paths that bring science, technology and engineering at the center of the diplomatic cooperation between the two partners....

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