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Guest Editors' Introduction: Nonviolent Resistance and Its Discontents

| 2023


In the past decade, myriad studies have explored the effects of nonviolent resistance (NR) on outcomes including revolutionary success (short-term and long-term) and democratization, and how nonviolent mobilization can play a similar role to violence in affecting social change in some settings. This special issue seeks to advance our understanding of the role of nonviolence by tackling some key assumptions in existing work that are complicated by historical and contemporary realities of deepening polarization worldwide. This issue addresses four key areas within conflict and peace research that limit our ability to make sense of NR: (a) the fragmented nature of civil resistance campaigns in terms of supporters and demands; (b) the increasing prevalence of authoritarian or anti-egalitarian nonviolent campaigns; and (c) the complicated nature of revolutionary success. Cutting across all three of these substantive areas is another key area, which is: (d) the United States as an increasingly salient site of conflict and contention.

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Chenoweth, Erica and Kathleen Gallagher Cunningham. "Guest Editors' Introduction: Nonviolent Resistance and Its Discontents." Journal of Peace Research, vol. 60. no. 1. (May 2, 2023): 3–8.


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Erica Chenoweth