Book Chapter - Palgrave Pivot

A History of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540

| 2018


This chapter seeks to provide an original account of the origins and purpose of resolution 1540. The account builds on the author’s experience, first-hand accounts, and interviews with former government officials, including Stephen Hadley, John Bolton, and Robert Joseph. It seeks to generate insights into the intended purpose of the resolution, its drafting, the diplomacy surrounding its passage, and the effects that this had on the text which was adopted by the Security Council. In doing so, the chapter also seeks to situate the resolution amongst other non-proliferation and counter-WMD-terrorism tools and initiatives.

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Tobey, William H. "A History of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540," in Preventing the Proliferation of WMDs: Measuring the Success of UN Security Council Resolution 1540, edited by Daniel Salisbury, Ian J. Stewart, and Andrea Viski, 13-32. Palgrave Pivot, 2018. 

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