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Mike Murphy on Office Hours

| Jan. 05, 2017 Series: Office Hours

Republican Strategist, Hollywood writer and producer, and Belfer Center Senior Fellow Mike Murphy (@murphymike) chats with Aroop Mukharji (@aroopmukharji) about the 2016 presidential election, kale messages, and who in Hollywood has the chops to be a viable political candidate for the Democrats.

Mike Murphy is one of the Republican Party’s most successful political media consultants, having handled strategy and advertising for more than 26 successful gubernatorial and Senatorial campaigns, including 12 wins in “blue” states that have consistently voted Democratic in the last two Presidential elections. His record in helping Republicans win Democratic states in unmatched by any other GOP consultant. Murphy has been called a “media master” by Fortune magazine, the GOP’s “hottest media consultant” by Newsweek, and the leader of a “new breed” of campaign consultants by Congressional Quarterly.

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