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The Space Arms Race: Domain Asia

| 2017


For the last five decades, international consensus for the peaceful uses of outer space had made steady progress. However, the consensus appeared to be insufficient to prevent states from competing for supremacy in outer space. Especially in Asia, China, India, Japan, and the two Koreas race for technological achievement in order to gain a lion's share of the outer space domain. In this chapter, Ji Yeon-jung analyzes the space arms race among major Asian countries which seek technological parity and international prestige — an arms race that warrants the formation of additional regional forum.

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Ajey Lele, Editor

The Space Arms Race: Domain Asia
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Ji, Yeon-jung. “The Space Arms Race: Domain Asia.” In 50 Years of the Outer Space Treaty: Tracing the Journey, Edited by Ajey Lele, New Delhi, India: Pentagon Press, 2017.

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