Journal Article - Nuclear Power Engineering

The Status of Advanced Small Pressurized Water Reactors

| Oct 1, 2012


In order to expand the use of nuclear power energy in desalination and increase competitiveness in the global nuclear power market, many developed countries with strong nuclear technology have realized the potential of Small Modular Reactors (SMR) and initiated aggressive research and development in SMR. The Advanced Small Pressurized Water Reactor (ASPWR) has great advantages, both in safety and economic matters. They can be used in remote power grids and replace mid/small-sized fossil fuel plants economically. This article reviews the history and current status of SMR and ASPWR and also discusses design concepts, safety features, and other advantages.

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For Academic Citation: Zhou, Yun. The Status of Advanced Small Pressurized Water Reactors.” Nuclear Power Engineering, vol. 33. no. 5. (Oct 1, 2012):

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