Magazine Article - The Environmental Forum

What is the Future of U.S. Coal?

| July/August 2007

"Climate concerns have gone mainstream. If this was not obvious from last year's Time magazine cover story, it should be clear from the recent cover story in Sports Illustrated, not to mention the omnipresence of discussion about Al Gore's award-winning movie. Each of these were misleading from an economic and policy perspective, but each illustrates that concerns about global climate change are now mainstream and widespread. Such concerns have been reflected in U.S. policy debates, as well as the statements and actions of a number of business leaders, including calls for economy-wide climate regulation, the TXU buyout plan, and AEP's announcement in March to build coal plants with capacity for carbon capture and storage, also called CCS."

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For Academic Citation: Stavins, Robert N.. “What is the Future of U.S. Coal?.” The Environmental Forum, vol. 24. no. 4. July/August 2007,

The Author

Robert N. Stavins