The Arctic Innovators Program is the student component of the Arctic Initiative at the Belfer Center, which strives to increase understanding and improve policies to respond to what is happening in the changing Arctic through research, convening, and education.

The goal of the Arctic Innovators Program is to bring more young people into the expanding international discussion of Arctic issues, both to educate them about this fast changing region and its impacts on the rest of the globe and to equip them to contribute to developing and implementing sustainable solutions. The first cohort of Arctic Innovators have developed their ideas over the semester through lecture-discussion sessions at HKS, and participation in the Arctic Innovation Lab at the Arctic Circle Assembly in Iceland where they developed their ideas with key experts and leaders in the field.

Arctic Innovators Ideas:

"Drill, Baby, Drill: The Competitive Advantage of Oil and Gas Companies towards Geothermal Energy"
Mariana Matranga, MC-MPA Candidate

"From the Prairie to the Tundra: International Indigenous Youth Leadership Development"
Sanjay Seth, MPP Candidate

"Indigenous Led Arctic Tourism"
Gabrielle Scrimshaw, MPA Candidate

"Digital Watch Dog: Monitoring Equity in Resource for Infrastructure Agreements"
Kelly Clark, MPP Candidate

"Near, Far, Wherever You Are: Reinventing Personal Safety in Cold Waters"
Peter Sopher, MPA Candidate

"Alaska, the First Frontier: Managing a New Generation of Climate Migrants"
Wen Hoe, MPP Candidate

"Hungry for Hope? Building Sustainable City Food Systems for the Arctic"
Carolina Zambrano, MPA Candidate

"Trade Policy and Environmental Cooperation: An Arctic Free Trade Area"
Mehek Sethi, MPP Candidate

"Frozen Superhighway: Transnational Indigenous Organizations and the Internet"
Vincent Lowney, MPP Candidate

"Identity and Adaptation: Food Production and Climate Change"
Morgan Brown, MPA Candidate

"Using Drones to Support Remote Arctic Communities"
Charlotte McEwen, MPP Candidate

"Protecting Marine Biodiversity through Subnational Action"
Martina Muller, MPP Candidate

"Knowing Your Value: Successfully Negotiating for the Interests of Arctic Communities"
Meredith Davis Tavera, MPP Candidate

"Digital Jobs, Not Handouts!"
Ziad Reslan, MPP Candidate


Chris Colbert
Director, Harvard Innovation Labs

Halla Hrund Logadottir
Fellow, ENRP; Co-founder, Arctic Initiative

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