A seminar with Victor Willi, Senior Researcher and former Associate Director and Global Leadership Fellow, World Economic Forum.

Moderated by Steven Brooke, MEI Postdoctoral Research Fellow.

In an attempt to go beyond the usual perception of the Middle East as a producer of political violence, this talk will provide a new narrative of the region. Drawing on years of research experience in the field, Victor J. Willi invites you to explore Egypt’s “entrepreneurship ecosystem”. The talk will highlight the extent to which the global communication revolution creates opportunities for local disruptive innovation, and how this is indicative of larger societal transformations.

About the speaker:Victor J. Willi is a senior researcher, advisor and writer. He recently completed his PhD at the University of Oxford, working on a history of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. He is currently consulting different clients in the public, research and private sectors on projects related to the Middle East and North Africa region. Visit his website at www.victorjwilli.com.

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Light lunch will be served.