Valerie J. Karplus

Valerie J. Karplus

Speaker: Valerie J. Karplus,  Associate Professor,  Department of Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University

China’s emissions trading system (ETS) for carbon dioxide will become operational in mid-2021. The system targets reductions in carbon intensity via a tradeable performance standard, initially in the power sector, with expected expansion to other industries. Plans to convert from a rate-based to a mass-based system are underway. The speaker will describe the trading system’s history, design, rules governing implementation, and anticipated developments over the next decade. The ETS is expected to support China’s goals of reaching peak CO2 emissions by 2030 and of achieving carbon neutrality by 2060.

Valerie J. Karplus is an Associate Professor in the department of Engineering and Public Policy. Previously, Karplus served as an Assistant Professor of Global Economics and Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Karplus studies resource and environmental management in firms operating in diverse national and industry contexts, with a focus on the role of institutions and management practices in explaining performance. Karplus is an expert on China’s energy system, including technology and business model innovation, energy system governance, and the management of air pollution and climate change. She works with a collaborative team of researchers to study the micro and macro determinants of clean energy transitions in emerging markets, with a focus on China and India. She teaches Entrepreneurship without Borders, New Models for Global Business, and is currently developing a new course, together with Professor Chris Warshaw in Political Science, on Global Energy Markets and Policy

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