Please note: this event has been moved to Thursday, April 26 from Tuesday, April 3, after being rescheduled from its original date of Wednesday, March 21. The correct and final date for this event is Thursday, April 26. We apologize for any confusion.

A seminar with Allison Hartnett, Predoctoral Research Fellow, Middle East Initiative and Ph.D. Candidate in Politics at the University of Oxford. Part of the Middle East Initiative Research Fellows Seminar Series.

Moderated by Tarek Masoud, Sultan of Oman Professor of International Relations, HKS.

In the wake of independence from colonialism, redistributive conflict impelled new MENA regimes to dismantle established rural order by enacting land redistribution. While popular support for such policies was high, this work presents empirical evidence that expropriating and redistributing land often created new governance challenges that undermined regime stability.