Olga Shpak is the Director of Assist Ukraine, where she works out of Kharkiv, Ukraine to provide essential relief to Ukrainians, both civilians and soldiers, in need. Before the war, Shpak had become widely respected for her population assessment studies of bowhead, belugas, and other whales. When Russia invaded, she resigned her prestigious position at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow and returned to her native city of Kharkiv to help people in Ukraine. She was recently profiled in The New York Times and Mother Jones

Art Davidson is the co-founder of Assist Ukraine. He has been a long-time conservation advocate in Alaska as well as a mountaineer. Art is the author of “Minus 148: The First Winter Ascent of Mt. McKinley,” considered a classic in mountaineering literature. He also authored “Endangered Peoples” about the struggles of indigenous peoples around the world. Davidson met former National Public Radio journalist Anne Garrels (co-founder of Assist Ukraine) during the Iraq war and worked with both Shia and Sunnis to get relief to children orphaned in the conflict. 

Vladyslav Wallace is a Belfer Young Leader Fellow and a second-year MPP candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School, where he serves as the Chair of the Ukraine Caucus. He is also a Department of State Thomas R. Pickering Fellow and will be appointed to the U.S. Foreign Service upon graduation. He works on U.S. diplomacy and foreign policy and specializes in matters related to Eurasia such as human rights, democracy, and international security.

Margaret Williams is a Senior Fellow at the Belfer Center's Arctic Initiative. Williams has worked for over 25 years on conservation issues in Russia and Alaska. She joined the Arctic Initiative from the World Wildlife Fund (U.S.), where she established and served as the Managing Director of the Arctic Field Program, a biodiversity conservation program in marine and coastal ecosystems spanning U.S.-Russian-Canadian boundaries. She chaired WWF's global Arctic team from 2004-2006 and remained an active contributor to WWF's global Arctic program.