Journal Article - Energy Policy

Is China Ready for Its Nuclear Expansion?

  • Christhian Rengifo
  • Peipei Chen
  • Jonathan Hinze
| February 2011


China's rapid pace of nuclear energy growth is unique, and its impact on the global nuclear market as both a customer and potential future supplier is already tremendous and will continue to expand. It is crucial to understand this energy policy development and its impact on various global areas. Unfortunately, there is relatively limited English-language information available about China's nuclear power industry and its current development. This paper aims to provide a comprehensive assessment of the Chinese nuclear energy program and policy, reviewing its past, present, likely future developments, as well as to consider potential challenges that deserve further attention. This paper will explore reasons that have caused the existing industry, describe China's nuclear bureaucracy and decision making process to understand how different stakeholders play a role in China's nuclear energy development. This study concludes that China's existing nuclear program and industry, in combination with its current stable economic and political environment, provides a sound foundation for the planned nuclear expansion. However, challenges which are crucial to the success of the nuclear expansion will need to be addressed.

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For Academic Citation: Zhou, Yun, Christhian Rengifo, Peipei Chen, and Jonathan Hinze. Is China Ready for Its Nuclear Expansion?.” Energy Policy, vol. 39. no. 2. (February 2011):

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