Journal Article - Innovations

Enabling a Nuclear Revival—and Managing Its Risks

| Fall 2009

Matthew Bunn and Martin B. Malin examine the conditions needed for nuclear energy to grow on a scale large enough for it to be a significant part of the world’s response to climate change. They consider the safety, security, nonproliferation, and waste management risks associated with such growth and recommend approaches to managing these risks. Bunn and Malin argue that although technological solutions may contribute to nuclear expansion in the coming decades, in the near term, creating the conditions for large-scale nuclear energy growth will require major international institutional innovation.

This essay appears in the special issue of the quarterly journal Innovations on energy and climate solutions titled "Energy for Change." Read the entire issue here.

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For Academic Citation: Bunn, Matthew and Martin B. Malin. Enabling a Nuclear Revival—and Managing Its Risks.” Innovations, vol. 4. no. 4. (Fall 2009):

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