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Financing Entrepreneurship

| May 2008


This important collection comprises foundational papers which offer an understanding of the conceptual and historical substructure of entrepreneurial finance and more recent seminal works about entrepreneurs and the obstacles that they systematically seek to overcome. Further articles describe the variety of institutional forms that have evolved to address the challenges inherent in entrepreneurial finance and the role of government in the process of innovation, entrepreneurship and the financing of new ventures. These papers, complemented by the editors' comprehensive introduction, are essential for scholars, researchers, policy makers and entrepreneurs wishing to advance their understanding of this important and expanding field of study.

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Financing Entrepreneurship

Financing Entrepreneurship
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For Academic Citation: Auerswald, Philip and Ant Bozkaya, eds.. Financing Entrepreneurship. Edited by Ant Bozkaya and Philip Auerswald. Cheltenham, England: Edward Elgar Publishing, Inc., May 2008.

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