Journal Article - Cyber, Intelligence, and Security

Four Big "Ds" and a Little "r": A New Model for Cyber Defense

| June 2017


As with all emerging threats, the cyber realm represents new dangers, which will be difficult to address. This article argues that cyberthreats are not fundamentally different from other asymmetric threats, and it provides a conceptual model for developing a response by drawing on classic principles of military strategy, the "four Ds"— Detection, Deterrence, Defense, and Defeat—as well as resilience (the little "r"). We offer a model for how countries can create policies addressing each of these principles that will enhance the security of national cyber systems. The proposed framework will allow for the development of detailed strategies and plans to address the specific demands posed by cyberthreats, whether state-based, or by non-state actors, or individuals

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Cohen, Matthew, Chuck Freilich and Gabi Siboni. "Four Big "Ds" and a Little "r": A New Model for Cyber Defense."  Cyber, Intelligence, and Security, vol. 1. no. 2. (June 2017): 21–36