Journal Article - International Studies Perspectives

Israel and Cyberspace: Unique Threat and Response

| 2015


This article provides insights into the dangers and opportunities that the cyber realm poses to states by conducting the first comprehensive case study on Israeli use of cyberspace. Israel faces a constant barrage of cyberattacks from actors ranging from states to hacker groups to individuals. This has forced Israel to develop highly advanced capabilities. Israel has not just faced cyberattacks but has also been a leader in using the cyber realm for offense. Although the threats to Israel are severe, they are not unique; thus, Israel can serve as a model for what other states can do to effectively use cyberspace both defensively and offensively. This article offers policy recommendations as to how states can improve their cyber defenses.

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For Academic Citation: Cohen, Michael S., Charles D. Freilich, and Gabi Siboni. Israel and Cyberspace: Unique Threat and Response.” International Studies Perspectives, (2015):