Journal Article - Energy

Integrated Energy Strategy for the Sustainable Development of China

  • Linwei Ma
  • Pei Liu
  • Zheng Li
  • Weidou Ni
| February 2011


We propose in this paper an integrated energy strategy based on a systems approach to address the energy challenges and energy dilemma in China. First, we give a review of existing approaches to energy planning and strategic management, followed by a discussion on the major relationships among energy, economical, environmental and societal systems. Next, we present a conceptual system model with alternative solutions and clarify corresponding concepts. Based on the results, we propose, summarize, and present strategic ideas as policy implications for China's decision makers. In conclusion, we determine that China should enhance strategic planning and regulation from a life cycle viewpoint of the whole society, prioritize energy saving, continuously improve incumbent energy, and rationally develop alternative energy.

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For Academic Citation: Ma, Linwei, Pei Liu, Feng Fu, Zheng Li, and Weidou Ni. Integrated Energy Strategy for the Sustainable Development of China.” Energy, vol. 36. no. 2. (February 2011):

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