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International Council Event Explores “The U.S.-China Rivalry in Five Dimensions”

A screenshot from the “The U.S.-China Rivalry in Five Dimensions" event.

The International Council is a prestigious group of senior business leaders and former government officials who care deeply about—and financially support—the Belfer Center’s mission to advance research, ideas, and leadership for a more secure, peaceful world. As part of a Center-wide effort to continually strengthen our community’s diversity, the Council has increased the number of female members four-fold in recent years. 

To continue this momentum, the Center organized this spring a special convening for women in leadership positions across venture capital, financial services, management consulting, family offices, and other sectors. Attendees took part in a conversation titled “The U.S.-China Rivalry in Five Dimensions.” Erica Chenoweth spoke about human rights; Meg Rithmire examined trade dynamics; Julia Voo unpacked competition in technology; Kevin Rudd flagged potential national security flash points; and Kelly Sims Gallagher explored potential areas for cooperation in confronting climate change. Council member and Managing Director of Bain’s Macro Trends Group Karen Harris moderated.

While the discussion focused on U.S.-China rivalry, speakers underscored the need for the countries to look for opportunities to work together toward common goals. Challenges like global health and climate change are two areas, they noted, where dialogue and coordination between the U.S. and China are essential.

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