"International Crises After the Election"

  • Charles Hobbs
| Nov. 28, 2012

As the capstone to a month-long residency with the Future of Diplomacy Project as a Fisher Family Fellow, Ambassador David Manning—former British Ambassador to the United States—delivered an off-the-record lecture on November 26, 2012, to a packed student gathering at the Malkin Penthouse of the Harvard Kennedy School.

Drawing upon his broad range of experiences gained in decades of service with the British Foreign Office, Ambassador Manning spoke widely on many of the major challenges that face diplomats today. While the crisis in the Eurozone and Britain’s role in the European community featured prominently in his comments, Manning also touched on the Middle East, the Iranian nuclear negotiations, and the impending Afghan military drawdown. After prepared remarks, he took audience questions on a variety of topics, including Iraq and Russia.

In advice that was squarely aimed at his young audience, the Ambassador also shared some of his thoughts on the processes that led him to join the British Foreign Office, and why students today should still strive to do the same.

In addition to his lecture, Manning also met with students, faculty, and delivered a series of small seminar lectures during his fellowship with the Future of Diplomacy Project.

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