Iran and Nuclear Verification: 20 Years of Continuing Sturm and Drang

| Apr. 01, 2024

The year 2023 marked twenty years since Iran was discovered to have had
a nascent nuclear weapons program in violation of the 1968 Nuclear Non-
Proliferation Treaty (NPT). In response, the international community, led by a
self-selected group of the most powerful states in the international system, has
sought to impose restrictions and sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program that would
at least delay its acquisition of a nuclear arsenal. While Iran has episodically
negotiated with the international community to minimize the threatened
dismantling of its program and to maximize its future nuclear options, it has
also prevaricated, procrastinated and resisted efforts to determine, through
monitoring and verification, the truth about its past, present and future
activities. The result has been almost unrelenting sturm und drang (storm
and stress) for all the parties concerned.


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