Book Chapter

Preliminary Considerations: On National Cyber Security

| December 2012


In this chapter, three conceptual tools are introduced to help focus the strategic context and debate. These are termed the "three dimensions," the "five mandates," and the "five dilemmas" of national cyber security. As the reader will discover, each dimension, mandate and dilemma will play a varying role in each nation's attempt to formulate and execute a national cyber security strategy according to their specific conditions. Of particular interest to some, is the way that Hathaway outlines the Five Dilemmas: (1) Stimulate the Economic vs. Improve National Security; (2) Infrastructure Modernization vs. Critical Infrastructure Protection; (3) Private Sector vs. Pubic Sector; (4) Data Protection vs. Information Sharing; and (5) Freedom of Expression vs. Political Stability

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For Academic Citation: Hathaway, Melissa E. and Alexander Klimburg. “Preliminary Considerations: On National Cyber Security.” In National Cyber Security Framework Manual. December 2012.

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