Journal Article - Journal of Cybersecurity

Privacy Threats in Intimate Relationships

| 2020


This article provides an overview of intimate threats: a class of privacy threats that can arise within our families, romantic partnerships, close friendships, and caregiving relationships. Many common assumptions about privacy are upended in the context of these relationships, and many otherwise effective protective measures fail when applied to intimate threats. Those closest to us know the answers to our secret questions, have access to our devices, and can exercise coercive power over us. We survey a range of intimate relationships and describe their common features. Based on these features, we explore implications for both technical privacy design and policy, and offer design recommendations for ameliorating intimate privacy risks.

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Levy, Karen and Bruce Schneier. "Privacy Threats in Intimate Relationships." Journal of Cybersecurity, vol. 6. no. 1. (2020) .

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