Journal Article - Journal of Conflict Resolution

Security Guarantees and Allied Nuclear Proliferation

| Nov. 12, 2013


As Iran continues its apparent pursuit of a nuclear weapons breakout capability and North Korea resists efforts to roll back its proliferation, policy makers in Washington eager to prevent further proliferation in both regions regard security guarantees to allies as crucial tools. But recent scholarship calls into question whether security guarantees ameliorate proliferation risks. Relying on a combination of large-N quantitative analysis and a case study of South Korea from the late 1960s to the mid-1980s, this article argues that, consistent with policy makers’ conventional wisdom, security guarantees significantly reduce proliferation proclivity among their recipients.

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For Academic Citation: Bleek, Philipp and Eric Lorber. Security Guarantees and Allied Nuclear Proliferation.” Journal of Conflict Resolution, (November 12, 2013) .

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