Dr. Abbas Al-Mejren was the Kuwait Foundation Visiting Scholar at the Middle East Initiative for fall 2014. He is a professor of economics at the College of Business Administration at Kuwait University. He received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Exeter, and has a Master of Economics from the University of Oregon. His previous positions at Kuwait University include Head of the Department of Economics and Director of the College's Business Training Programs.

Dr. Al-Mejren is an expert consultant to the Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Kuwait Industrial Bank. He has been an advisor to the Minister of Finance and is a current advisor to the Minister of Commerce and Industry. At the present, he is also an academic advisor for the Kuwait Program at the London School of Economics, and Director of Energy and Environment Studies at the Center for Excellence at Kuwait University’s College of Business Administration. He has participated in many local, regional and global conferences, workshops, and training activities, and contributes regularly to local and Arab media. Dr. Al-Mejren’s research interests include fiscal and monetary policy, strategic planning, and industrial, education and energy economics.

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