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Foresight Africa: Top Priorities for the Continent in 2014

| January 2014


Africa's position in the world is changing and will continue to evolve in 2014 and beyond. With new development and commercial partners like China and India, recent discoveries of additional natural resources, and millions of young people entering the labor force, Africa has the opportunity to take charge of its own development path. Despite these opportunities, African countries still face several challenges to sustainable growth and development. African countries continue to play a marginal role in international climate change negotiations, parts of the region continue to grapple with conflict, violence and instability, and tensions between the International Criminal Court and the African Union have recently increased.

As the story of Africa's growth continues to shift the narrative of its trajectory, the Brookings Africa Growth Initiative (AGI) aims to stay ahead of the trends to help African and global policymakers leverage opportunities to promote the region's development and stability. Since 2010, AGI has asked its scholars to assess the top priorities for Africa in the coming year. This year, AGI experts and colleagues continue the tradition in identifying what they consider to be the key issues for Africa in 2014. The following briefs in the Foresight Africa collection are meant to create a dialogue on what critical issues Africa must pay attention to in the coming 12 months, and it is our hope that this dialogue will continue throughout the year.

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