Journal Article - Survival

Houthis in the Footsteps of Hizbullah

| 2023


In the eight years since Saudi Arabia launched its military offensive against Yemen's Houthi rebel movement Ansar Allah, much attention has been devoted to Iran's and Hizbullah's military assistance to the Houthis. Also important is Hizbullah's conceptual influence on the Houthis, and the Houthis' efforts to emulate Hizbullah. The Houthis' strategic behaviour and communications indicate that they have attempted to succeed against Saudi Arabia in the same way that Hizbullah has succeeded against Israel: to harness their long-range missiles as a means of subjecting their stronger opponents to limitations and 'rules of the game'. So far, the Houthis have been far less successful than Hizbullah. Nevertheless, the Houthis have become an integral part of the Iran-led 'axis of resistance'.

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Sobelman, Daniel. "Houthis in the Footsteps of Hizbullah." Survival, vol. 65. no. 3. (2023): 129–144.

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