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Implementing Negative Emissions Technologies (NETs): An Innovation Note

| July 2019


In this issue of Viewpoints, the author observes that:

The goal of negative-emissions-technologies (NET) innovation is to demonstrate and deploy these technologies on a time scale that allows meeting the 2015 Paris Agreement objective of limiting global average temperature increase. Implementing this innovation requires a complex effort that addresses many interconnected factors relevant to climate policy. These go beyond technical considerations to matters of economics, regulation, and market design. The greatest challenge to climate-change innovation is how to manage the transition of technology from the R&D stage to deployment. For a new solution such as NET to gain policymaker approval and resources needed to develop and deploy a practical operating system, advocates must come forward with a design-of-innovation program.

The author goes on to outline such a program design, focusing on creating a “new quasi-public corporation to advance” NET toward deployment.

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John Deutch is former Undersecretary and Director of Energy Research, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE); Undersecretary for Acquisition and Technology, U.S. Department of Defense; and Dean of Science and Provost, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Deutch was a member of the DOE Secretary of Energy Advisory Council for Secretaries Steven Chou and Ernest Moniz and a member of the President’s Science Council for Presidents Ronald Reagan and William Clinton.

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