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Joe Aldy on How Joe Biden Can Jumpstart the Global Climate Effort

| Dec. 08, 2020



Twelve years ago, Aldy was a member of then President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team as it took over from the George W. Bush administration. He says the objective then was much the same as it is now—figuring out how to push aggressive measures to stave off the worst effects of climate change while bringing back lost jobs and jump-starting a stalled economy. But comparisons only go so far. Aldy says in many ways Biden’s challenges are more formidable: A much shorter window to transform our energy infrastructure, a struggling economy made even worse by a raging pandemic, and a country even more polarized and in ideological conflict with itself. Professor Aldy and host Thoko Moyo explore those those challenges and discuss how the new administration can respond — and maybe even succeed.

A transcript of this PolicyCast is available here.

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