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Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict

Revised Edition


Most recent wars have been complex and bloody internal conflicts driven to a significant degree by nationalism and ethnic animosity. Since the end of the Cold War, dozens of wars--in Bosnia, Kosovo, Rwanda, Somalia, the former Soviet Union, and elsewhere--have killed or displaced millions of people. Understanding and controlling these wars has become one of the most important and frustrating tasks for scholars and political leaders.

This revised and expanded edition of Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict contains essays from some of the world's leading analysts of nationalism, ethnic conflict, and internal war. The essays from the first edition have been updated and supplemented by analyses of recent conflicts and new research on the resolution of ethnic and civil wars.

The first part of the book addresses the roots of nationalistic and ethnic wars, focusing in particular on the former Yugoslavia. The second part assesses options for international action, including the use of force and the deployment of peacekeeping troops. The third part examines political challenges that often complicate attempts to prevent or end internal conflicts, including refugee flows and the special difficulties of resolving civil wars.

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For Academic Citation: Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict. Edited by Brown, Michael E., Owen R. Cote, Jr., Sean M. Lynn-Jones and Steven E. Miller, eds.. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, September 2001.

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