Book Chapter

North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Program: Motivations, Strategy, and Doctrine

| October 2012


Despite continuing efforts to convince North Korea to relinquish its nuclear capability, it appears increasingly unlikely that it will ever do so. Pyongyang might be willing to curtail or freeze certain parts of the program but the likelihood of North Korean denuclearization is quickly fading. With Pyongyang likely to retain some level of nuclear-weapons capability, analysis turns to an assessment of how these weapons might be integrated into its defense posture. Using deterrence theory as the analytical framework, this chapter examines possible avenues for North Korea's nuclear weapons strategy and doctrine.

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For Academic Citation: Roehrig, Terence. “North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Program: Motivations, Strategy, and Doctrine.” In Strategy in the Second Nuclear Age: Power, Ambition, and the Ultimate Weapon. October 2012.

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