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Nye Lauded for Cybersecurity Leadership

Harvard University Distinguished Service Professor and former Harvard Kennedy School Dean Joseph S. Nye was honored  by the Center’s Cyber Security Project in April for his leadership and contributions to cybersecurity through the Belfer Center’s cybersecurity initiatives. Nye has announced his retirement at the end of the semester.

Michael Sulmeyer, director of the Center’s Cyber Security Project and host of the event, praised Nye for his leadership in identifying and exploring solutions to current and future cybersecurity challenges and for increasing awareness of cyber issues through his teaching and Belfer Center activities.

“On this occasion,” Sulmeyer said, “we honor Joe’s dedication to stitching ‘cyber’ into the fabric of the Belfer Center and paving the way for the project we have today. Despite his upcoming retirement, we look forward to roping him into the study of cybersecurity at the Belfer Center and the Kennedy School for many years to come.”

Nye began working on cyber issues with others at the Center several years ago when serious study of cybersecurity was in its infancy. He said he was reluctant at first to launch into a field that he knew little about, but he became convinced that he might be able to help raise awareness of the growing importance of cyber in national and international security.

In addition to Sulmeyer, several other members of the Center community who work on cyber issues—including Ryan Ellis, David Sanger, and John Holdren—toasted Nye for his continuing contributions to the field.

The event also honored Nye’s long-time assistant, Jeanne Marasca, who plans to retire this summer.

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