Tech and Public Policy to Save the Brain

  • Priyamvada Saraf
  • Mathew Alexander
  • Sohaib Nasim
  • Hardy Ding
| May 03, 2023



Neurodegenerative diseases (NDDs) represent a global health emergency, affecting millions of individuals and imposing significant economic burdens. Despite increased funding and government initiatives, effective therapies remain elusive, and NDD research lags behind other fields. The problem is not limited to funding but extends to the complex and cumbersome landscape of numerous programs and initiatives, which are often not well-publicized. In this report, we argue for a simplified, accelerated, and transparent unified approach to NDD research, building on lessons from other fields and industries. We discuss key pain points in NDD research, from intellectual property and education to data management and collaboration, and propose fostering cross-sector collaboration, increasing public awareness, and leveraging innovative strategies to accelerate knowledge creation and therapy development. Drawing on insights from the COVID-19 pandemic, we emphasize the importance of collective action and a streamlined approach in addressing the urgent challenge of NDDs, with implications for policy and technology usage.

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For Academic Citation: Giani, Luca, Priyamvada Saraf, Mathew Alexander, Sohaib Nasim and Hardy Ding. “Tech and Public Policy to Save the Brain.” , May 3, 2023.

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