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What Can an Economist Possibly Have to Say about Climate Change?

| March 2015

Some time ago, I boarded an airplane for a flight out of Boston's Logan Airport. As I sat down in my seat, it quickly became apparent that the person seated next to me wished to engage in a conversation. Perhaps you have noticed what I have, namely that there tend to be two kinds of people who fly — those who like to have conversations with perfect strangers, and the rest of us.

I am very much in that second category, and so as I sat down in my seat, I had work and a newspaper in front of me, anything to ward off an unwanted conversation. But the gentleman seated next to me persevered, and sought to start a conversation in what is typical fashion for Americans. He asked me, "What business are you in?" I did something foolish — I told the truth. I said, "I'm an environmental economist."

He looked at me, but did not say anything. I looked at him. This went on for what seemed to me to be a very long time. Here is this fellow who wanted to have a conversation, but he did not follow-up with another comment or question. Finally, it dawned upon me, and I understood why he was not saying anything further. I realized that he had concluded that he had just met a living, breathing oxymoron — an internal contradiction. After all, it is either the economy or the environment. So what could this phrase — environmental economics — even mean?...

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Robert Stavins, Harvard Kennedy School; National Bureau of Economic Research; University Fellow of Resources for the Future


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