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Why Do So Many People Want So Little From the Agreement With Iran?

| September 15, 2015

Across the political spectrum, pundits — like Hillary Clinton — are downplaying the potential of the Iran deal. And it's a terrible waste of diplomacy.

Despite some last-minute shenanigans from congressional Republicans, the nuclear agreement with Iran is a done deal. Its passage is a singular achievement for Barack Obama's administration — which conducted the negotiations skillfully and defended the agreement adroitly back home — and for the broad coalition of groups, organizations, and interested citizens who helped explain why it was in the U.S. national interest.

But make no mistake: Opponents of the deal haven't given up. After failing to stop the agreement itself, a bipartisan group of politicians and policy wonks are now trying to ensure the United States derives the least possible benefit from it. What is most remarkable is that this response isn't coming just from die-hard Obama-haters, Republican presidential candidates, or disgruntled AIPAC members. It is also getting support from some Democrats, moderates, and otherwise sensible people in the foreign-policy establishment....

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