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International Council Debates Critical Global Issues

A lively discussion of “Russiagate” at the JFK Jr. Forum on Tuesday, May 2, launched the 2017 annual meeting of the Belfer Center International Council . The Forum event, Russiagate: Everything You Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask, was the focus of a discussion between Center Senior Fellows James Clapper, former National Intelligence Director, and Mike Rogers, former U.S. Representative, with Center Director Graham Allison moderating. Clapper and Rogers weighed in on Russia’s interference in the 2016 campaign as well as best practices for congressional oversight.

At a reception following the Forum, International Council President Albert Carnesale raised a toast to Allison for his many contributions during 22 years as Center director.

On the following day, Allison officially welcomed the International Council members. He shared recent highlights such as the Center’s No. 1 ranking among university think tanks and the additions of former senior government officials including Samantha Power, Ernest Moniz, Laura Holgate, James Clapper, John Holdren, Eric Rosenbach, and Ash Carter.

Allison’s welcome was followed by a number of presentations by Center experts and discussions with the Council on critical issues facing the U.S. and world. The discussions covered issues ranging from national security and economic growth under the new administration to challenges with Russia and China and the Center’s expanded focus on homeland security.  

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