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Belfer Center: 2018 at a Glance

Dec. 19, 2018

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2018 at the Belfer Center

Featured Research & Analysis

The Myth of the Liberal Order
China and Russia: A Strategic Alliance in the Making
Graham Allison

Center Experts Comment on Significance of Withdrawing from INF Treaty Belfer Experts

Assessing the Value of the NATO Alliance  Nicholas Burns

Shaping Disruptive Technological Change for Public Good
No Exceptions: The Decision to Open All Military Positions to Women
Reflections on American Grand Strategy in Asia
Ash Carter

The Politics of Terror Erica Chenoweth

Linking Science to Action, Harvard Will Be Fossil Fuel-Free by 2050, Fuel-Neutral by 2026 William Clark

The Way Kavanaugh’s Supporters Are Talking About Sexual Assault Allegations Can Be Dangerous, Our New Study Finds Matthew A Baum, Dara Kay Cohen, Susanne Schwarz, Yuri M. Zhukov

The State and Local Election Cybersecurity Playbook Defending Digital Democracy Project

2018 State of Digital Transformation David Eaves and Ben McGuire

Job One for Space Force: Space Asset Cybersecurity Gregory Falco

A Tortoise Approach for U.S. Nuclear Research and Development Michael J. FordDaniel P. Schrag

The New and Not Improved NAFTA Jeffrey Frankel

DOE Budget Authority for Energy Research, Development, and Demonstration Database Kelly Sims Gallagher and Laura Diaz Anadon

Simultaneous Pursuit of Discovery and Invention in the US Department of Energy Anna P. Goldstein and Venkatesh Narayanamurti

Science for Policy and Policy for Science in the Federal Government John P. Holdren

Decoding the Weather Machine on PBS’s NOVA John P. Holdren, Daniel Schrag

Lebanon's Civil Society as an Anchor of Stability Jeffrey G. Karam

Opioid Addiction is Our Homeland Security Problem Juliette Kayyem

A Process for Capturing CO2 from the Atmosphere David Keith, Geoffrey Holmes, David St. Angelo, Kenton Heidel

Charging the Future Henry Lee and Alex Clark

High-resolution Carbon Emissions Data for Chinese Cities Zhu Liu and Bofeng Cai

Why Lyndon Johnson Dropped Out Fredrik Logevall

U.S.-Russia Relations: Differences and a Point of Agreement Douglas Lute, Kevin Ryan

Women in Rebellion: The Case of Sierra Leone Zoe Marks

On GPS: The Fallout of the Khashoggi Affair Tarek Masoud

Nuclear Battleground: Debating the US 2018 Nuclear Posture Review Steven E. Miller

Russia Already Gave Up on ‘Normal Relations’ with the U.S. Rolf Mowatt-Larssen

Normative Restraints on Cyber Conflict Joseph S. Nye

7th OPEC International Seminar Meghan O'Sullivan

Debtbook Diplomacy Sam Parker and Gabrielle Chefitz

Beyond Elections: Foreign Interference with American Democracy Samantha Power

The Crisis Next Time Carmen Reinhart, Vincent Reinhart

Defending Digital Democracy: The Four Corners of Election Security Eric Rosenbach

Can Democracy Survive in the Information Age? Eric Rosenbach and Katherine Mansted

Regaining Nuclear Security Momentum Nickolas Roth and Matthew Bunn

Anger Management José Antonio Sabadell

Assessing the Trump-Kim Summit Gary Samore

Measuring National Power: Is Vladimir Putin’s Russia in Decline? Simon Saradzhyan, Nabi Abdullaev

Student Group Aims to Improve Gender Balance in the National Security Field Alexandra Schmitt, Gabrielle Tarini

How I Learned to Embrace Power as a Woman in Washington Wendy Sherman

An Economist's Take on the Poland Climate Conference: The Glass is More than Half Full Robert N. Stavins

Battlefield Internet: A Plan for Securing Cyberspace. Foreign Affairs Michael Sulmeyer, Michèle Flournoy

The Liberal World Disorder: Reflections on Grand Strategy and Not So Grand Assumptions Stephen M. Walt

Has a New Cold War Really Begun? Odd Arne Westad

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