MEI at MESA 2018

November 2018

The Middle East Initiative will be well represented at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) in San Antonio, Texas November 15-18. Many current and former MEI fellows and affiliates will present research on a broad variety of topics during the conference. Below is a complete list of MEI-affiliated participants, with links to their panels and topics.

  1. Former Postdoctoral research fellow Matt Buehler, now at University of Tennessee-Knoxville, will present on the panel Integration and Marginalization of the Other: New Research on the Middle East Migrant Crisis on Pocketbook Prejudice? Exploring Xenophobia towards African Migrants and Refugees in Morocco.
  2. Former research fellow Jean Lachapelle, now at University of Michigan, will present on the panel Comparative Politics of the Contemporary Arab World on Coercive Orders in the Middle East and North Africa.
  3. Former research fellow Manal A. Jamal, now at James Madison University, will present on the panel Palestine, Latin America and the Caribbean: Encounters, Crossings, Parallels, Part I on Beyond Analogy: Palestine in Comparative Perspective
  4. Former research fellow Amanda Rizkallah, now at Pepperdine University, will present on the panel Identity and Political Mobilization in Contemporary Lebanon on The Emergence of Nonsectarian Political Movements in Lebanon
  5. Former research fellow Joseph Florence, now at Cornell University, will present on the panel Cross-National Research on Contemporary Middle East Politics on The Effects of Cross-National Investment on Domestic Governance in the Middle East.
  6. Current associate Elizabeth Nugent and Assistant Professor of Political Science at Yale University, will be a discussant on the panel Political Psychology in the Middle East, and an organizer of the panel The Colonial Legacies of Institutions of Control in MENA. She will also present on the panel Polarization, Participation, and Democratic Outcomes in Egypt and Tunisia on Affective and Ideological Polarization during the ‘Arab Spring’ Transitions: Evidence from Egypt and Tunisia
  7. Current research fellow Kimberly Guiler will present on the panel Political Psychology in the Middle East on the topic From Prison to Parliament: Evidence from Turkey and Tunisia.
  8. Current associate Allison Spencer Hartnett will present on the panel The Colonial Legacies of Institutions of Control in MENA on The Colonial Origins of Coercive Institutions in MENA
  9. Current associate Hind Ahmed Zaki, and junior research fellow at Brandeis University, will present on the panel Polarization, Participation, and Democratic Outcomes in Egypt and Tunisia on Polarization as potential? Negotiating Women’s Rights in the Post-evolutionary Constitutions of Egypt and Tunisia. She will also be a discussant on the panel Feminist Struggles in Authoritarian Times: Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt and Palestine Today.
  10. Current research fellow Lillian Frost will present on the panel Understanding Citizenship and State-Society Relations in MENA on Beyond Citizenship: The Impact of Non-Citizens on State-Society Relations
  11. Current Associate Jeffrey Karam will present on the panel Analyzing the Lebanese-American 'Special Relationship': Unearthing New Archival Records from the Johnson, Nixon, and Reagan Libraries on Assessing US-Lebanese Relations From the 1973 Israeli Raid to the Oil Embargo of 1973-74 and will chair the panel Thematic Conversation-Everyday Life of Sectarianism in the Middle East: Ambivalent articulations
  12. Current MEI faculty Soha Bayoumi will chair the panel Science, Medicine, Oral Histories, and Progress in Qajar, Pahlavi and Revolutionary Iran
  13. Current visiting scholar Andrew March will present on the panel Constitutions in the Contemporary Middle East: (How) do they still matter? on Constituent Power, Constitutional Legitimacy and Islam: The Case of the 2014 Tunisian Constitution
  14. Former faculty affiliate F. Gregory Gause and now Professor of International Affairs at Bush School of Government, Texas A&M University, will chair the panel Mosul as a Microcosm of the Issues Facing Iraq

Click on the panel title links for more information on each panel, including time and place. Abstracts are available via links to individual papers. For more information on the MESA 2018 Annual Meeting, click here. For a detailed and searchable schedule of panels, click here.


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