The Crisis with Russia

The Crisis with Russia is a collection of papers by preeminent U.S.-Russia policy experts, academics, journalists, and business leaders. This volume explores topics ranging from the history of the U.S.-Russia relationship, current developments in the Sino-Russian relationship, the NATO and European responses to Russian aggression in Eastern Europe, energy considerations, areas of potential U.S.-Russia cooperation, and finally, the broader question of U.S. national security and interests in the European region.

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For Academic Citation: Allison, Graham, Joseph S. Nye, Kevin Rudd, Meghan L. O'Sullivan and Stephen J. Hadley. The Crisis with Russia. Edited by Burns, Nicholas and Jonathon Price. November 2014.

The Authors

Graham Allison headshot

Joseph S. Nye, Jr.

Meghan O'Sullivan

The Editors

Nicholas Burns