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Lawyers as Professionals and as Citizens: Key Roles and Responsibilities in the 21st Century

| November 2014

We seek to define and give content to four ethical responsibilities that we believe are of signal importance to lawyers in their fundamental roles as expert technicians, wise counselors, and effective leaders: responsibilities to their clients and stakeholders; responsibilities to the legal system; responsibilities to their institutions; and responsibilities to society at large.

Michèle Flournoy during a Harvard Kennedy School JFK Jr. Forum on the Middle East. Nicholas Burns moderated the October forum.

Tom Fitzsimmons

Paper - Boston Consulting Group

The First 100 Days in Government

November 2012

Belfer Center Senior Fellow Michèle Flournoy, former under secretary of defense for policy, and Margaret Spellings, former secretary of education, provide advice for new government appointees who will soon begin their new positions in public service.  "Getting off to a strong start in your first 100 days is crucial," they write, noting that it "can make or break your success in office."